Fractal Art by Stan Weddington

This website features the flame fractal artwork from my ongoing and previous projects with links to purchase.  The artwork is arranged in galleries that are titled with the project name that created the artwork; currently - 'Flame Fractals in Spades', 'Between Order Lies Chaos', and 'A Flame A Day'.

My flame fractal animation artwork in the form of DVDs are sold directly from this site.  My static flame fractal artwork in the galleries can be purchased in the form of framed or unframed giclée prints on fine art paper or canvas at (links provided in gallery images).  Fractal t-shirts are sold under the "Artist Series" on the Pineal Paradise website.

Fractal DVDs

My favorite part of working with fractals is making them move to achieve ever changing mesmerizing  visual imagery.  I have made some DVDs of my animation artwork which is available for purchase.

Fractal T-shirts

Once or twice a year one of my fractal designs is turned into an all over printed dye sublimation T-shirt.  Made of breathable polyester, they do not shrink, fade or crack.